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Time With Family - Thanksgiving

I've made it my personal quest as a creative who has a passion for videography to try and capture simple moments during my life with family. There are plenty of epic indie films, and I can't commit this type of time with a day job, family, and other interests. I think this is a good start. Thanks to Robert & Steph for their hospitality and making this a special thanksgiving. Was a wonderful time with family

Delight in the Little Moments

This last Easter I had some fun with the kids at their grandparents. Remember the days of spinning until you were nauseous? Was fun to watch the kids enjoying this so I took a few clips, nothing fancy, just a snapshot of enjoying the little moments in life.

Thinking I'll try this approach for a while. Small 2 minute videos that aren't refined a lot are easy for me to produce. I typically only do a couple a year because I tend to work on them extensively, but maybe just like blogging, consistency and simplicity can be the key to keeping the momentum going.

had a blast at the grandparents watching the kids on the tire swing. Music courtesy of Black Laggon - Ser Olly, (CC BY 4.0)
Welcome to the World Little Ella

Proud to announce Ella the newest addition to my family joined us today @ 6:19pm, weighing in at 6lbs and 11 ounces. Yes, that's 6lbs of cuteness. :-) I'm incredibly blessed to have this third addition to my family, and look forward to treasuring every moment with her. God sure knows how to give an amazing gift!

It was a rough 24 hours resulting in our first cesarean experience. This was a bit intense, but Sarah pulled through as a trooper, and we are now finished with post-operation recovery, and enjoying time with our new bundle of awesome.

Thanks for all the prayers! Now for some sleep... or not ;-)

Shout out to Willowbrook Women's Center for their consideration and stellar care during the delivery. I left my camera in the other room, not knowing operating room rules, and wanted to respect that, and not complicate the moment. A nurse asked me where my camera was so I could capture a few of the precious first moments, and walked to the other side of the hospital section to go fetch it for me to make it happen. That's how considerate they were!

Thanks to their care I have a healthy baby girl, healthy wife, and some beautiful moments despite the complication of the delivery.


Music courtesy of Rivers and Robots - King of My Heart. Support them by checking out their beautiful music @

Recovery is a Marathon, Not a Sprint - Hurricane Harvey

It's important to remember that the road to recovery is not an instant process. Right now we have a ton of volunteers and people working to help those in need. I'm reminding myself, as much as any readers here, the process to recovery for people most impacted is not a single week of effort event. In some cases, entire homes were lost and without flood insurance, the financial devastation can be profound. I'm proud to be part of the Vineyard Church association which is sending an equipped response team to the area to send volunteers and various professionals to aid in recovery. This will definitely help increase the impact we have as people have to go back to work and available time is reduced.

The beginning of recovery for this one family. It's important to remember that this will be a process, not a quick week of work to resolve. We need to keep lifting up in prayer and financial support the people who have suffered from the impact of this devasting event.

continued help

In the meantime, if you are helping with some giving @ please consider doing a recoccuring donation for a period of months to continue the help. I'm hoping that the impact the church community has in Houston is going to be a testimony to commitment as believers we have in serving those in suffering and in need.

not be forgetful

As a reminder to all my fellow followers-of-Christ, our actions are under scrutinity (just see the barrage of accusations against Joel Olsteen right now). As I was driving to a site on the first day back in my house, I saw a small church with a guy riding a lawnmower and trimming a lawn that already looked good.

It made me angry and sad at the same time.

Yes, I should not judge. That church may have had a large response team out serving, and I'm probably just seeing part of the picture.

However, that same part of the picture is what others would be seeing. Less than 1 mile up the road were houses devasted by the flood, ripping out drywall, furniture, and dealing with the loss of a lot of belongings. I pray that we all remember the hardship that others are going through and while we can enjoy and relish the moments of life we are given, let us strive to not forget those others those can't move on yet. Those who have lost everything, are in shelters, dealing with the emotional fallout of a disaster, and in the process of rebuilding a place they can call home for their family.

A Not-So Waterlogged Texan - Tuesday

Update 1:30pm Wednesday

Better than expected, we are looking to be back in our house Thursday. Apparently some SUV's are just starting to gain access. Don't want to risk it so giving it a little extra time. That's much better than I expected at beginning of this whole situation!

Relief efforts mentioned at bottom are underway at so if you are looking to help the Tomball/Northwest Houston area that's one place to help or find out how to help.

Original Post - Tuesday

From my favorite "No Hype" weatherman:

We are probably about 24 hours away from a general cessation of rainfall, including for most of the eastern half of the Houston area. It's been an absolutely miserable four or five days, but it's almost over - > Space City Weater

Almost through it!

Message from neighbor reports that everything seems high and dry still after the rains last night, so pretty sure my house, along with a few of the houses high enough on our street are not going to have water enter. If the water keeps going down, I'm hoping to have the family back in the house Friday or Saturday.

There will definitely be people in our neighborhood that will be dealing with repairs and issues as the video I posted previously shows.

Walked over to the church today from our friends house. Figured I'd get some work done, and was doubtful of my ability to concentrate with my kiddos getting stir crazy. The walk was supposed to be 37 mins... an hour later I arrived. Gave me some extra time to pray at least :-)

Projections for the area are never certain, but seems to point to being clear of anything that would cause water to get into the house.

For those interested in helping out in the area, my church is participating in relief efforts and starting to gather resources to help those in the community. Randy (the lead pastor at will make sure that any donations made are used to impact the local area as this is a core passion of our small church plant.