Download SSMS as a standalone download.... finally!


----- update -----

This is still an applicable link for SQL Server Management Studio. I've updated blog title to reflect Download SSMS as a standalone since it originally said SSMS 2015... typo!

----- End update -----

I'm excited to see the future of Sql server management studio with release of SQL Management Studio.

Two of the points made on the website look very promising:

  • New SSMS Installer - SSMS can now be installed with a light weight stand-alone web installer.
  • SSMS Updates - Receive notification within SSMS when new updates are available, and choose to install them at your convenience.

I've tried a lot of alternatives to SSMS, the best so far being Devart's SQL Studio, however, at this time I still refer back to SSMS for the majority of my work. The fact it's been so behind Visual studio in basic features has always been a bit frustrating, so maybe this is a sign of an improvement in the future.