Note - all licensing costs are for general reference only, look at supplier for up to date pricing metrics.

Sql Sentry Plan Explorer $0

Better review of plan adjustments, and allows filtering plans for easier review of the visual diagram. They made the pro tool free in 2016, making it one of the best options for easily reviewing plan performance changes

StatisticsParser $0

Scalability testing for query changes can be difficult to guage with execution plans and elapsed execution time. Reads/Write summary from setting “statistics io, time on” can help better assess the potential percent increase/decrease in performance better than just using elapsed time.

SqlPrompt $369

RedGate’s premiere sql-server intellisense replacement that works in Visual Studio and SSMS. This has better snippet handling, automatic formatting that is brilliantly implemented, and a great productivity enhancements to help workflow. As a member of the Friends of Red Gate program, I’m a staunch supporter of this fantastic tool.

dbForge Event Profiler $0

A welcome replacement for running Sql Profiler, this tool leverages Extended events, but allows easily working with the results in a nice sortable grid. A few minor bugs on not saving some filters, but for the most part even with those it’s a fantastic tool and my favorite trace utility.

RedGate ANTS Performance Profiler $745

A great way to immediately identify what is making an application run slow. Is it the database calls or bit of unoptimized code that is bringing down the internet? This is a great tool to find that out. For a full review, take a look at my article on it by looking at ANTS Performance Profiler