Dance Time For Karis

After such as stressful year with the pandemic, it was an absolute pleasure to watch my daughter and all her friends perform.

As I enjoyed the live presentation of the youth’s art, I started thinking of the contrast in adult life and kids.

For a kiddo, this may be one of the most nerve racking moments in their world. Jumping up before a crowd to perform isn’t easy.

Having led worship for a long time, I still got jitters at times after doing it for years.

No adult there wants to see a child fail. Mistakes aren’t focused on. Instead all flaws are looked at through the lense of love.

Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed. Encouraging each other is normal.

There’s a lesson in there for us adults dealing with coworkers and friends.

Let’s remember to keep believing the best for each other, and give a bit of grace in flaws and mistakes. I’m sure we all could use a bit more of that.


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