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A cheatsheet to update with what I pickup with Go that I likely need to reference again as a new gopher.
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last updated: 2022-06-11


A cheatsheet for various pre-commit hooks and things that help with linting, formatting, code scans and more. These all help “shift left” the review to eliminate more issues in the development workflow, rather than providing feedback only once the CI system is involved.

last updated: 2022-03-17


A cheatsheet for some bash stuff. I really ♥️ pwsh… but acknowledge it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. This page helps me get by with being a terrible basher

last updated: 2021-12-17


A cheatsheet for some interesting PowerShell related concepts that might benefit others looking for some tips and tricks
last updated: 2021-09-29


A cheatsheet for some docker container magic. Docker has it’s own quirks, so this is a way for me to remember and reuse some of this without trying to formalize into a standardized repo
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last updated: 2021-09-29


A cheatsheet and quick start reference for working with dbatools

last updated: 2021-08-30


A cheatsheet with snippets for Task a cross-platform task runner alternative to Make.

last updated: 2021-08-30


A cheatsheet for some git workflow oriented commands, things I often forget, useful shortcuts and more.

last updated: 2021-08-30