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I have a new term for the wait my daughter eats food. Instead of please stop wearing food all over your face and eat proper I’m going to label her: “An experiential tactile food lover”


You know you probably reserved the wrong hotel when you drive around from the back and think it’s a condemned building, only to come around the front and realize that’s actually your reservation. Needless to say, that reservation got cancelled.

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I’d read about Terraform 0.12 and thought it was much further out, so moved on with regret from evaluating the massive number of improvements. Just found out it was released, and choco upgrade terraform -y provided me with a delightful 0.12 upgrade. If you haven’t explored it yet, go do it!

Things like loops, no longer having to reference any variable with string interpolation, and more promises to make this a big productivity improvement for those enjoying Terraform.

If you aren’t using any Infrastructure-As-Code approach right now, you’ll find it initially a little confusing, but get past that and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Really enjoying my experience with Terraform from the last month. If you have any resources in the cloud you have to deploy and you are having to do them manually, you should take a look. It’s very easy to get going with the basics and the time it can save as you build up Terrachops (patent pending) can be tremendous.

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Downloading a Visual Studio Code vsix extension and then installing manually in Azure Data Studio works for some extensions! For instance, downloading Simple Alignment from the marketplace, and then running in Azure Data Studio successfully installed the utility.

You can also many of your keyboard settings straight from vscode into Azure Data Studio so you don’t have to remap all those keys. The beauty of json configuration files 😄

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Finally upgraded my graphics card and hardrive. EVGA RTX 2080 and a Samsung Evo 970 NVMe 2TB SSD breathed new life into my PC. Running 100hz 3440x1440 ultrawide on a 10 year old AMD 6950 was just not doing the trick.


Working smart: how great performers do less work

This book so far is a good read. I like the concept of the “feedback loop”, and doing small iterative improvements with a targeted narrow focus to improve each day. It’s very much in alignment with Agile concepts. It’s kinda like delivery of small measurable bits of value for your own improvement. This contrasts our typical promise to ourselves of radical transformation or resolutions that never get realized. Clarifying these concepts is really helpful to help one be proactive instead of reactive about personal growth.


This infernal keyboard lag is killing me. I’m guessing it’s due to some OS corruption as my disk is going bad and bad sector warnings keep increasing. Blah! 😬

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Today I learned how to create a microblog / microblogs section in my hugo layout by frakensteining together some styling tweaks to part of hugo theme. 🌮

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