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Here you’ll find mostly tech talk and musings, with other topics periodically. If you want to stay in touch, look at the bottom for the curated newsletter I send out.

Cheers! 🙏🏻

Dance Time

Uploaded a few to my gallery from time I had with my daughter watching her live performance this weekend. Take a peek. I need to catch-up on a few posts with the family with all the great stuff they’ve been doing lately. (My son just got his black belt in Taekwondo 👏) Dance Time

The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services

The guide you didn’t know you needed for AWS. Came across this when Corey Quinn 1 mentioned this on a podcast. This is a resource I wish I’d known about earlier. It covers the core essentials on services, and cuts through the confusion of the AWS Docs pretty well. For example, I noticed the ELB references for ALB docs and this caused me some confusion. Right front and center on Load Balancer Basics 2:

Cloudflare Analytics for Your Jamstack Site

A new alternative to Google Analytics if you want to keep things simple. Cloudflare Web Analytics seems promising. I’d probably have started with this if I was setting up my site from scratch. The problem I have with adopting a tool like this is no basic import of metrics from Google Analytics means I’d lose years of history. Does the history matter signficantly? Not really for me. I just don’t like losing out the entire history to see how things have improved over time.

Make Vscode Annoy Me When I Make a Typo

Not sure why, but I’ve had 2 typos that keep plauging me. ngnix should be nginx chocolatey should be chocolatey With Go, I get compile errors with typos, so no problem. With PowerShell or Bash, this can be really annoying and waste time in debugging. You can configure many autocorrect tools on a system level, but I wanted a quick solution for making it super obvious in my code as I typed without any new spelling extensions.