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Google Search Only Results from the last year

less than 1 minute read

Tech changes quick. Reading google postings from something in 2009 is not my first choice.I found an option after digging through some google discussion post...

Cool Tools: Powershell ISE-Steroids

2 minute read

Disclaimer: I have been provided with a free license because I am reviewing. This doesn’t impact my assessment of the tool. I have a passion for finding tool...

TFS Work-Item Fancy Filtering

less than 1 minute read

If you want to create a TFS query that would identify work items that have changed, but were not changed by the person working it, there is a nifty way to do...

Previewing the new SSRS 2016 portal

less than 1 minute read

Ran into an issue with the “Preview New Reporting Portal” link on a fresh install of 2016 giving me a not found error.

Failover all databases to other server

less than 1 minute read

Quick snippet I threw together to help with failing over synchronized databases to the other server in bulk. No way I want to click that darn Fail-over butto...