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Here you’ll find mostly tech talk and musings, with other topics periodically. If you want to stay in touch, look at the bottom for the curated newsletter I send out.

Cheers! 🙏🏻

Go R1 Day 43

progress Modified forked SharedBrain repo to use yaml parser instead of toml. Modified tests handle invalid casting of interface, which was causing a panic. 1 2 3 4 otherDate, ok := otherDateInt.(time.Time) if !ok { log.Printf("[time.Parse] probable invalid date format %s", plainFilename) } Improved tests to align to markdown standard formatting. FOSS license scanned on 4 repos to test compliance of licensing for badge. Use goyek templates to build out initial go based build actions.

Go R1 Day 42

progress Configured basic test case for GitHub - goyek/goyek: Create build pipelines in Go repo I created. GitHub - pterm/pterm used to provide progress on output as it installed linting tooling. links GitHub - sheldonhull/goyek-tasks: Goyek pre-built tasks for CI/CD work

Go R1 Day 41

progress Enabled Go code coverage for tests in VSCode go install[email protected] to install tooling for generating code coverage badge for readme. Set ![gopherbadger-tag-do-not-edit]() in the readme, and then this gets replaced with a code coverage percentage badge. Generate the required code coverage reports using: go test -coverprofile cover.out followed by go tool cover -html=cover.out -o coverage.html for a visual report. links GitHub - jpoles1/gopherbadger: Generate coverage badge images using Go!

Go R1 Day 40

progress Learned a bit more modules vs packages, including internal package special behavior. Configured Azure DevOps remote module source with package level imports. Successfully migrated a utility logger for setup of Zerolog into a seperate remote module for importing. Setup 50% test coverage for logger using gotest test generator. Used Is for test setup. (this would be a cool use of gotest templates test generation) Modified sharedbrain forked repo to generate yaml front matter with dashes.