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Core Values

I live as a follower of Christ, desiring to impact the world around with who He is. I’m an unashamed disciple and though I’ve got plenty I mess up, following Him is my joy. I’m passionate about worship through music, and have played and led worship team for a number of years. Currently, I’ve been enjoying playing electric. This had challenged me to play in a completely different way than acoustic, as the melodic nature of the electric guitar parts bring a subtle but powerful part to a worship band.


I’ve been blessed with 3 kids and a wonderful wife Sarah who has brought beauty into my world and to my life. I’m thankful for the richness of family and experiencing this journey.


I’ve summed up more detail there, than in this spot, so take a peek at that if you want a professional run down.

I ♥ code.

Software, Infrastructure-as-code, Compliance-as-code, my resume as code… you name it 😁

I also think the world needs more emojis and tacos 🌮🌮🌮

Other Interests

My passions extend beyond technology into the creative realm as well. I’ve enjoyed doing videography, photography, and creating music. Electric & acoustic guitar have always been a passion. I’m a sucker for good post-rock music, which I think is the best type of music for coding around.

Music - On Desk

If you want to check out some new music, this is my up to date “on deck” playlist of music I rock out to.