If you want to simplify keeping up with github releases instead of using email, try the GitHub slack app. Simple create a releases channel and then run these two steps:

  1. /github subscribe terraform-providers/terraform-provider-terraform
  2. /github unsubscribe terraform-providers/terraform-provider-terraform issues, deployments, statuses, public, commits,pulls

This should result in a final message saying:

This channel will get notifications from terraform-providers/terraform-provider-terraform for:

Why not use /github subscribe terraform-providers/terraform-provider-terraform releases? I’ve found that at least on mobile this fails to filter properly. For me, it ignored many filters. By doing it in two steps it worked every-time without issues.

This means you’ll now get a nice formatted slack notification of just a release, without all the extra noise of pull requests, issues, commits and more. Easy way to keep up to date with projects if you want to keep it in slack. The other way is to use the github notifications section, but personally I like the slack approach.


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