Chunnel, Train, and Pubs

Trip to Europe series

I want to travel by train more. It’s not standard in the US.

Room for my legs, minimal lines & boarding drama.

They just take off without having everyone put their seats in the upright position.

The first few minutes had a wonderful English lady great the children (fellow traveler) and made the kids feel welcome.

Walk down the street, enter a restaurant that had the name “Coffee” in it that turns out to be a pub.

Noisy with a 86-89db average crowd buzz.

Trying to keep the kids quieter in Paris constantly, as everyone talks so quietly. Feels good to hear a buzz and not worry about this even if I prefer it quieter.

I speaka English. I understand what people are saying.

Appreciate how isolating it has been not speaking the primary language.

A bit of tension I didn’t know I’m holding goes away even if I’m still not in my country.


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