Easy way to test log shipping or availability groups setup

Have been working through the fantastic training resources from Brent Ozar’s Everything Bundle and on the recommended resources they mention after all the training on log shipping and availability groups that you can use a lab environment from TechNet to actually get going on familiarizing yourself with the technology more.

This is great! Of course, it’s not the full deal, but this gives a tangible way to get moving on familiarizing yourself with this complex technology. TechNet Virtual Labs Availability Groups Side note: Fantastic training resource with great roi with Brent Ozar Unlimited “Everything Bundle” if you apply the current podcast review discount of 78%. Great value with immediate return. I also like pluralsight, but find it takes more time investment to get the immediate value. Their courses are short, compact, and full of great material.

Recommend you add to your training budget asap. Podcast Review Discount Combine this with a subscription to Office Hours with the app Pocket Cast, and you’ll have an easy way to keep up to date with some great tips.


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