Go R1 Day 10

  • Experimented with CLI tool using go-prompt
  • Customized initial options
  • OS independent call to get user home directory.
  • Iterated through a directory listing
  • Used path join to initialize path for directory search.
  • One challenge in working with structs being returned was figuring out how to print the values of the struct. Initially, I only had pointers to the values coming back. This made sense, though, as I watched a tutorial this weekend on slices, and better understand that a slice is actually a small data structure being described by: pointer to the location in memory, length, and the capacity of the slice. Without this tutorial, I think seeing the pointer addresses coming through would have been pretty confusing.
  • In reading StackOverflow, I realized it’s a “slice of interfaces”.
  • Worked with apex logger and moved some of the log output to debug level logging.
  • Final result


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