Install ReadyRoll via Command Line

ReadyRoll has some great features, including the ability to use without cost on a build server. If you want to ease setup on multiple build servers you could create a simple command line install step against the EXE.

ReadyRoll was recently acquired by Redgate, so the installer options may change in the future to be more inline with the standard Redgate installer. For now, this is a way to automate an install/updates.

I personally use Ketarin to help me manage automatically updating apps like SQL Server Management Studio. I’ve uploaded a public entry for ReadyRoll to automate download and install of the latest ReadyRoll version when available. For more detail on how to use Ketarin see my earlier post on Automating SSMS Upgrades

  1. Find the path of the installer
  2. Run ReadyRoll.msi /exenoui /qn for a silent install.


  • For automated setup and install use the following code with Ketarin


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