Lack for Nothing

The message of this song is one that that has been driving itself home as more and more important to me. We are not viewed in our frailty as we come before God to worship Him. We are not judged and condemned. He doesn’t look and tell us to come back when we are in a better place. Instead, just as the author of Hebrews writes (Heb 10), we can come with bold confidence, knowing that the way has been made for us in Christ, with us being viewed through the “curtain” of Christ. This is critical to every person wanting to draw closer to God, as without a realization that we should be able to approach with confidence and no judgement, we will hold back from fully diving into our relationship with Him.

Hebrews 10:19-22 We have, then, my friends, complete freedom to go into the Most Holy Place by means of the death of Jesus. He opened for us a new way, a living way, through the curtain—that is, through his own body. We have a great priest in charge of the house of God. So let us come near to God with a sincere heart and a sure faith, with hearts that have been purified… This has shaped my paradigm a lot. It’s hard for me to hear about others feeling unworthy in coming before God, like they have to get things together before coming to Him. This is so antithetical to the nature of God and to all of what we see Christ exemplifying in His life. Christ never demonstrated superiority, judgement against those who don’t demonstrate perfection. When He did bring out anger and judgement, it was focused on those who, in their misguided concepts of God, put barriers between God and His people. So, just a friendly reminder that you “Lack for Nothing”. Cheers!


This is my first full production attempt with Ableton. I used Ableton Live Lite, with EzDrummer 2 to help generate some drums. Due to running out of time (and patience :-) I just wrapped this up instead of worrying about fine tuning every little piece. I’ve got some errant vocal parts, guitar parts, and all, but hope you can just look past this. I ran out of time and …. and patience to keep reworking. I actually am working on a series to help fellow worship leaders and musicians just getting into recording learn more about utilizing VSTs, DAW’s (like Ableton, Studio One 3), and more. It’s bit confusing getting started, so hopefully as I share a little of my journey it might save you some work if you are wanting to try your hand at some creativity.


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