Tracking my progress.

    Pandas & Datascience
    Build a web server
    Build a TUI

    Automation & DevOps
    Charm TUI
       Partial components
       Full reactive “Elm” based design
    CLI helper tools
    DDD (Domain Driven Design) for a complex project
    Design API with versioning support (such as v1/v2 running concurrently)

 Kubernetes Operator
    Build a raycast extension
    Build a VSCode extension

 Rust - someday!

 Use Pulumi to deploy an entire cluster with backups and everything from zero.
 Convert a helm template for basic api to Pulumi strongly typed SDK. NOTE: Partially completed but need to revisit.

 TDD (partially completed)

  1. We all start somewhere! ↩︎

  2. I don’t write many bash scripts though, prefer Go/PowerShell for complex stuff. ↩︎


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