Leveled Up With Truck Driving

I bought my car, a 2010 Mazdaspeed3, without knowing how to drive a manual tranmission. Thanks to my buddy Jake driving it home, we brought it back. I got a late night crash course in a parking lot, and this saw me through the first month.1

I might have killed the engine a few times2.

So this last week, I drove another stick for the first time. Despite all this time, I realized I’d only driven my Mazdaspeed3. It’s a very touchy and tight sports clutch.

I had to dry a 1998 Ford F150 for the first time and felt like I leveled up.

Didn’t kill it once. Listened to the rumble of the truck. Checked out the cassette player.

Back to my car now. I was a real man for a bit.

  1. He might have aged a few years and had some blood pressure issues from the experience. ↩︎

  2. Well, more like every trip… ↩︎


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