Rebuild Dash Index Due to Corrupted Index

I use Dash for improved doc access. Terraform updated recently to 0.13.x and I began having odd issues with AWS provider results coming through. If you need to rollback, just go to the preferences and pick an older docset, in my case 0.13.0 worked correctly. Make sure to remove the problematic version (the uninstall refers to just the most recent, not any additional versions you selected under the dropdown)

If the index doesn’t rebuild, you can close the app, manually remove the index, and it will rebuild on open. I’m pretty sure you don’t need to do this if you use the uninstall option in the dialogue.

On macOS 10.15, you can find the index at ~/Library/Application Support/Dash/Data/manIndex.dsidx and delete this. Reopen Dash and it will rebuild the index.


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