Seeker & Servant: Fantastic Music with incredible dynamics

Just recently discovered this artist after being exposed to an article from Worship Leader magazine. Fantastic dynamics. The dynamics and beautiful harmonies are pretty darn close to what I’d love experimenting with if I had a group of folks playing those instruments. Interestingly, the vocal harmonies are very simple, but I found very beautiful. It’s compromised of a tenor and a baritone range, and is a fresh change stuff like Shane and Shane which both have incredibly high ranges. I found it very approachable to enjoy singing with. The power of the musical dynamics and beautiful lyrics was a major win. I’ll be following them closely.

Get their latest album for free here: Seeker & Servant Similar Artists/Albums:

  • Fleet Foxes
  • Dustin Kensrue: Carry the Fire

Would Like If:

  1. You like post-rock
  2. Long Vamping Dynamics
  3. Minimalist Arrangements
  4. Tight 2 part harmonies

Here’s the album on spotify for those who want to check it out!


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