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Just wanted to give props to the Cloudposse team lead by Erik Osterman @eosterman.

Slack provides a great community chat experience, but there are quite a few problems about using it for Q&A. 1 Since the free plans for communities hide content over 10,000 messages, a healthy community will go over this quickly.

With all the great conversations, I want to find prior discussions to benefit from topics already covered.

Cloudposse archives the community discussions so they can be searched.

Cloudposse archives the community discussions for future searches here: SweetOps Archive.

If you use Alfred you can setup an alias for this, or use a Chrome Search Engine Alias. To use a Chrome search engine alias, go to: Search Engines and add a new entry.

  • Search Engine: cloudposse
  • Keyword: cloudposse
  • URL with %s in place of query: https://archive.sweetops.com/search?query=%s

For any future search, just type in cloudposse in the searchbar and whatever you type after that will open up in the archive search.

Search Using Alfred
Search Slack Archive

Search Using Chrome Search Engine Alias
Search Using Chrome Search Engine Alias

  1. I don’t think Cloudposse or many others deny that Slack is “inferior” for threaded conversation to a tool like Discourse. However, despite it being a “walled garden”, it’s a lot easier to get engagement there than a forum from what I understand. This solution provides a nice middle ground by giving the ease of Slack, while ensuring great conversation is still captured and able to be found. ↩︎


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