The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services

The guide you didn’t know you needed for AWS. Came across this when Corey Quinn 1 mentioned this on a podcast.

This is a resource I wish I’d known about earlier. It covers the core essentials on services, and cuts through the confusion of the AWS Docs pretty well.

For example, I noticed the ELB references for ALB docs and this caused me some confusion.

Right front and center on Load Balancer Basics 2:

Before the introduction of ALBs, “Classic Load Balancers” were known as “Elastic Load Balancers” (ELBs), so older documentation, tooling, and blog posts may still reference “ELBs”.

I’m going to make this a first stop when getting familar with new AWS concepts.

macOS lifehack
If you have Dash installed, set the repo as a GitHub datasouce, and you can have the entire handbook cached offline as an offline documentation library.


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