The Technology We Take for Granted Is Pretty Amazing

We had some intense rapid storms hit last night that caused power failure for roughly 30-40% of Greater Houston area.

Time to test some of my flexible DR developer setup 💪.

I’m sitting the middle row of a nice minivan posting this (thanks Dad for the killer deal! 😁)… and it got me thinking of the “simple” tech we take for granted.

  • I’m charging with a 100w AC port in the minivan.1
  • I’m connected to the internet by merely connecting my iphone via usb to the mac, no extra configuration or steps required.
  • I’m then able to push code, deploy to production ahem, development environments.
  • Get code completions from a LLM directly inline my editor while driving and even generate new code projects via copilot with workspace.

There’s so much incredible engineering behind the simple act of connecting a phone to my computer and then having access to all this, it’s incredible.

  1. As someone who grew up on Windows, it was very confusing that this internet sharing happens automatically when iPhone is plugged in. I searched throughout all settings to find it “just works”. ↩︎


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