Value Local Art

Our culture is driven on some much virtual comsumption of media and performances. It’s important to remember just how critical it is to support local art and performance.

In a YouTube culture, it’s easy to default to virtualized arts. I think it’s easy to lose the appreciation for the disciplined effort creating music, dance, art requires when it’s all just something on a screen.

It also gives an unrealistic expectation for live performances if our only consumption is the polished and santized version of someone’s best take. Seems to be a similar problem to the fake reality Instagram and Facebook can give if you expect the true state of a person’s life is represented in their social media posts.

As far as flaws go, this beautiful improv session shows in the comments just how much viewers appreciated the honesty of leaving flaws in instead. I’d like to see more of this from artists. We all crave authenticity.


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