Welcome to the World Little Ella

Proud to announce Ella the newest addition to my family joined us today @ 6:19pm, weighing in at 6lbs and 11 ounces. Yes, that’s 6lbs of cuteness. :-) I’m incredibly blessed to have this third addition to my family, and look forward to treasuring every moment with her. God sure knows how to give an amazing gift!

It was a rough 24 hours resulting in our first cesarean experience. This was a bit intense, but Sarah pulled through as a trooper, and we are now finished with post-operation recovery, and enjoying time with our new bundle of awesome.

Thanks for all the prayers! Now for some sleep… or not ;-)

Shout out to Willowbrook Women’s Center for their consideration and stellar care during the delivery. I left my camera in the other room, not knowing operating room rules, and wanted to respect that, and not complicate the moment. A nurse asked me where my camera was so I could capture a few of the precious first moments, and walked to the other side of the hospital section to go fetch it for me to make it happen. That’s how considerate they were!

Thanks to their care I have a healthy baby girl, healthy wife, and some beautiful moments despite the complication of the delivery.


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