Migrating from Windows 10 to macOS for professional use this week. So far the most painful things have been:

  • Pretty rough experience getting displaylink to work, definitely not as plug-and-play as Windows.
  • Shortcuts! I’m a serious shortcut fanatic. The difference in control/command/alt usage on on a mac is painful to my muscle memory and coding flow. Trying to not remap to windows based keys, but it’s been hard.
  • Window management. I’ve used divvy and tried some other’s, but seriously, the lack of window snapping and aero peak is pretty glaring as a new user.

Other than that, so far have most things up and running, and forced myself to do it through Ansible to learn something new. I now know I could setup my macbook 90% of the way in minutes with Ansible, so that’s a win!


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