A Not-So Waterlogged Texan - Tuesday

Updated: 2017-08 1:30pm Wednesday

Better than expected, we are looking to be back in our house Thursday. Apparently some SUV’s are just starting to gain access. Don’t want to risk it so giving it a little extra time. That’s much better than I expected at beginning of this whole situation!

Relief efforts mentioned at bottom are underway at nwvineyard.com so if you are looking to help the Tomball/Northwest Houston area that’s one place to help or find out how to help.

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From my favorite “No Hype” weatherman:

We are probably about 24 hours away from a general cessation of rainfall, including for most of the eastern half of the Houston area. It’s been an absolutely miserable four or five days, but it’s almost over - > Space City Weater

Almost through it!

Message from neighbor reports that everything seems high and dry still after the rains last night, so pretty sure my house, along with a few of the houses high enough on our street are not going to have water enter. If the water keeps going down, I’m hoping to have the family back in the house Friday or Saturday.


There will definitely be people in our neighborhood that will be dealing with repairs and issues as the video I posted previously shows.

Walked over to the church today from our friends house. Figured I’d get some work done, and was doubtful of my ability to concentrate with my kiddos getting stir crazy. The walk was supposed to be 37 mins… an hour later I arrived. Gave me some extra time to pray at least :-)


Projections for the area are never certain, but seems to point to being clear of anything that would cause water to get into the house.


For those interested in helping out in the area, my church is participating in relief efforts and starting to gather resources to help those in the community. Randy (the lead pastor at nwvineyard.com) will make sure that any donations made are used to impact the local area as this is a core passion of our small church plant.

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