A Waterlogged Texan Reporting In from Northpoint Tomball

What a crazy weekend. Choose to evacuate the family as water was slowly creeping up closer to the house. I was ready today when I made it back to the house to see the water in the house, but to my astonishment it was only half-way up the driveway. Turning down the road 1 house away, many houses did not fare so well, and water looks to have made it in many homes.

The view from my driveway. I was seriously blessed, as many others were not as high

It has been a stressful time, and still not finished, but what a remarkable time to see people coming together. From a neighbor walking my family in a small boat to the front to ease the way for the kids and pregant wife in 4 ft of dirty water to the evacuation boats running all day to help get people out. I saw first responders from a surfer walking a raft in his wetsuit to Kemah volunteer firefighters walking the roads to check on people and confirm everyone wanting evacuation was taken care of.

Our area was not as devastated as downtown and other areas that have been on the news, but for us it was still a pretty nerveracking experience.

The hospitality and friendship shown by my church was encouraging, and without these friends we’d have been in a tough spot. From driving through some deeper water, to providing warm meals and hospitality (and giving up some rooms/space) for us. As it stands, thanks to my friends I’ve got my kids tucked in warm and safe and am able to sit back and think about the days’ events without being in the rain. Being removed for our home for a week helps put the important things back in perspective for sure!


If we make it through tonight we should be fine with no water damage, but this storm has definitely given us surprises.

Prayers out there for those in worse situations from this storm. It’s been a bit numbing to see just the little pieces I’ve seen in the last 2 days. The financial impact (no flood insurance for many in this storm, including us, as we are outside any normal flood areas) is going to be tough, along with the stress and rebuilding that will be required.


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