An Unexpected Supporter of the Paris Sanitation System

Trip To Europe series

Somtimes you feel that you’ve done things right as a parent, even when things go awry. There we were at the park, kids needing a restroom break. Inside, I find no toilet paper, everything broken down, a poor public restroom experience.

Coming out, I see my family on the steps of this Parisian public edifice. I comment on the bathroom’s state.

Me: They were gross. No toilet paper.
Karis: Thankfully, mom gave me a baby wipe.
Me: You didn’t try to flush it, right? They can clog the sewer system.
Karis: Oh no, I threw it in the trash, but first, it fell into the toilet water, and I had to fish it out.
Me: You did what?!
Karis: Yeah, I know about the sewer system, so I made sure to fish it out…with my hands. It was so gross.

We all laughed. It’s reassuring to know my daughter advocates for Paris’ sanitation system more than any tourist probably ever has. After an extra amount of hand santizer, we moved on.


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