Ventilation Systems

Trip To Europe series

Got sucked into reading about ventilation systems in Europe. There’s mechanical and passive based ventilation. I’ve lived most of my adult life where central air systems are used, that it took me a day before I registered the oddity of:

  • no ceiling vents
  • the constant whoosh of air in the bathroom1
  • the seeming airflow from about the full length doors.

While I’m betting this would be a subpar experience in summer compared to what we have in Texas, during less heat induced times it’s great as the house never feels stale with this constant air circulation.

I find things like this some of the most interesting when traveling, as things you take for granted are done so differently across the world.

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  1. This was made very noticable by the gusts up to 60 mph due to a tropical storm hitting in the distance. Almost was like someone had a leaf blower down the vent system as it whirred away. ↩︎


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