Go R1 Day 78


  • 2k stack for each goroutine.
  • 50,000 goroutines.
  • Eventually, you’ll want to make the function call and you’ll want to grow the stack if the current stack limit is hit.
  • We’ll want to use contigous stacks.
  • The new stack will be a new contigous allocated block of memory.
  • The stack growth requires all the prior values to be moved over to the new doubled stack.

A goroutine can only share values from the heap. This prevents the issues occuring from shared values in different stacks.

Mark and sweep collector.

We don’t need to worry about the implementation.

However, this topic is useful to ensure we write code that is “sympathetic” to the GC.

At this point, I opted to come back to GC details and focus on some testing and package design principles.


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