Go R1 Day 79

Felt like revisiting Exercism since the great updates and wanting a break from the more deep concept dives on mechnical sympathy and optimization in the Ultimate Go course (which is stellar).

Completed the following to continue on syllabus. It’s taking me back to basics, but stuff I can knock out pretty quick.

From this I determined that I’m great at writing chained boolean statements.

if goodAtBool && coderIsMe {
    fmt.Println("I'm a good coder")
} else if goodAtBool && !coderIsMe {
    fmt.Println("I'm a good coder")
} else if !goodAtBool && coderIsMe {
    fmt.Println("I'm a bad coder")
} else {
    fmt.Println("I'm a bad coder")

Thank you GitHub Copilot for the codeblock above. I claim no responsibility to the results of what AI generated madness was created.


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