• What imagePullPolicy should I use?

    Even if the imagePullPolicy property is set to Always, it’s still efficient, provided the registry is reliably accessible, due to the caching semantics of the underlying image provider.image-policy

Error: ImagePullBackOff

As elucidated in a Stack Overflow answer, pre-pulled-images were the solution to my problem.

Complexities can arise from using abstraction tools. The predefined image policies exert a greater influence on the behavior than initially expected.

The kubelet, by default, tries to pull each image from the specified registry. Nevertheless, if the imagePullPolicy property of the container is set to IfNotPresent or Never, a local image is used (preferentially or exclusively, respectively).

To load an image, execute a command like this: minikube image load --profile myprofile 'image:latest'.


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