Running InfluxDB as a service in Windows

As part of the process to setup some metrics collections for sql-server based on perfmon counters I’ve been utilizing InfluxDB. Part of getting started on this is ensuring InfluxDB runs as a service instead of requiring me to launch the exe manually. For more information on InfluxDb, see my other post: Setting Up InfluxDb, Chronograf, and Grafana for the SqlServer Dev

This of course, did not go without it’s share of investigation since I’m working with a compiled executable that was originally built in GO. I had issues registering InfluxDB as a service. This is typically due to enviromental/path variables. In my powershell launch of InfluxD.exe I typically used a script like the following:

I investigated running as a service and found a great reminder on using NSSM for this: Running Go executables … as windows services ’ Ricard Clau I went and downloaded NSSM again and first setup and register of the service went without a hitch, unlike my attempt at running New-service -name 'InfluxDB' -BinaryPathName 'C:\Influx\influxdb\InfluxD.exe' -DisplayName 'InfluxDB' -StartupType Automatic -Credential (get-credential). I’m pretty sure the core issue was the PATH variables and other related enviromental paths were not setup with “working directory” being the InfluxDB which would be expected by it.

Using nssm install provided the GUI which I used in this case. Using the following command I was able to see the steps taken to install, which would allow reproducing the install from a .bat file very easily.

set-location C:\tools
.\nssm.exe dump InfluxDB

This resulted in the following output:

C:\tools\nssm.exe install InfluxDB C:\Influx\influxdb\influxd.exe
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB AppDirectory C:\Influx\influxdb
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB AppExit Default Restart
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB AppEvents Start/Pre C:\Influx\influxdb\influx.exe
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB AppEvents Start/Post C:\Influx\influxdb\influx.exe
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB AppNoConsole 1
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB AppRestartDelay 60000
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB DisplayName InfluxDB
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB ObjectName SERVICENAME "PASSWORD"
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB Start SERVICE_AUTO_START
C:\tools\nssm.exe set InfluxDB Type SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS

Pretty awesome! It’s a nice change to have something perfectly the first time with no issues.


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