Brentozar''s Training: Chocolate & Cowboy Hats Included

It was entertaining to listen to a technical wizard fighting the obsession with waiting to eat chocolate with 3k viewers watching. Kendra wore about 4-5 cowboy hats in an effort to help those of us who wear many hats feel welcome…. Now that’s the kinda of training I enjoy! No pretense, just honest real, and insightful training with enjoyable humor included for free

Highly recommend attending the webex presentations occurring today and tomorrow with Brent Ozar and his amazing team. They are giving back to the community with some excellent training and Q&A. Attended the Shared Storage discussion yesterday and wasn’t disappointed (I don’t think they’ve ever disappointed with their training!) Register for the training now, as it is the second of the 3 days, with the first training occurring here @ 10am CST. Brentozar Event Registration


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