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Value Local Art

Our culture is driven on some much virtual comsumption of media and performances. It’s important to remember just how critical it is to support local art and performance.

In a YouTube culture, it’s easy to default to virtualized arts. I think it’s easy to lose the appreciation for the disciplined effort creating music, dance, art requires when it’s all just something on a screen.

It also gives an unrealistic expectation for live performances if our only consumption is the …

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Dance Time

Uploaded a few to my gallery from time I had with my daughter watching her live performance this weekend. Take a peek.

I need to catch-up on a few posts with the family with all the great stuff they’ve been doing lately. (My son just got his black belt in Taekwondo 👏)

Dance Time

The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services

The guide you didn’t know you needed for AWS. Came across this when Corey Quinn 1 mentioned this on a podcast.

This is a resource I wish I’d known about earlier. It covers the core essentials on services, and cuts through the confusion of the AWS Docs pretty well.

For example, I noticed the ELB references for ALB docs and this caused me some confusion.

Right front and center on Load Balancer Basics 2:

Before the introduction of ALBs, “Classic Load Balancers” were known …

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Cloudflare Analytics for Your Jamstack Site

A new alternative to Google Analytics if you want to keep things simple.

Cloudflare Web Analytics seems promising.

I’d probably have started with this if I was setting up my site from scratch.

The problem I have with adopting a tool like this is no basic import of metrics from Google Analytics means I’d lose years of history.

Does the history matter signficantly? Not really for me. I just don’t like losing out the entire history to see how things have improved over time.

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Make Vscode Annoy Me When I Make a Typo

Not sure why, but I’ve had 2 typos that keep plauging me.

  • ngnix should be nginx
  • chocolatey should be chocolatey

With Go, I get compile errors with typos, so no problem. With PowerShell or Bash, this can be really annoying and waste time in debugging.

You can configure many autocorrect tools on a system level, but I wanted a quick solution for making it super obvious in my code as I typed without any new spelling extensions.

Install Highlight: fabiospampinato.vscode-highlight 1

Configure …

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Azure Devops PR Automation Requires Generic Contribute

Big fan of renovate for terraform dependency management.

Ran into some complications with restarting an onboarding with Whitesource Renovate in Azure DevOps Repos and the Azure Pipeline automation. I’ve run into this before, so logging this for my sanity.

  • If you failed to onboard with Azure DevOps, you can’t rename the PR like in GitHub to simplify restarting the onboarding process.
  • Instead, delete the renovate.json file and commit to your default branch.
  • Then re-add and get the …
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Came across this pretty nifty site HackAttic that provides a small set of practical oriented exercises. Will look at using further in my Go journey, as seems really useful to stretch one’s development skills in less familar, but still practical ways.

A few of the challenges:

  • Generate an SSL certificate according to given data.
  • Extract some data from Redis. In a way.
  • Handle some incoming JWTs for us.

Take a look at the newsletter topics covered. I love that sense of humor.

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Diagrams as Code


It’s not for everyone.

I prefer to write diagrams out logically and then let the visual aspect be generated.

This helps me by making the visual presentation an artifact of what is basically a written outline.

Presentation Matters

I’ve learned that communicating flows of information can often be better presented visually than trying to write them out, especially once it involves more than a few “nodes” of responsibility. Visualizing a complicated process can be done …

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Go R1 Day 37


  • initialized new start of cli tool to try to parse markdown content using Goldmark1 and then convert markdown links into reference style links
  • Improved default template for starting new basic cli tools with Go to include zerolog and run based design instead of the majority of logic being in main.

  1. goldmark ↩︎

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