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Go R1 Day 55


In Go, when you call a function or a method the arguments are copied. 1

  • Built some test cases for working with pointers and test methods.
  • Did this in Goland to become more familar with it and figured out how to use the nice tests explorer with a floating window to auto-test.
  • Built a filewatcher configuration watcher as alternative to tests panel, allowing automated run in terminal or output panel of go test ./....
  • Couldn’t figure out how to run every test in project, as …
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Steampipe Is Sql Magic

Up And Running In Minutes

I tried Steampipe out for the first time today.

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I’m seriously impressed.

I built a project go-aws-ami-metrics last year to test out some Go that would iterate through instances and AMIs to build out aging information on the instances.

I used it to help me work through how to use the AWS SDK to iterate through regions, instances, images, and more.

In 15 mins I just solved the equivalent issue in a way that would benefit anyone on …

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Go R1 Day 52


  • published extension pack for Go1
  • Learned about magic number linter in golanglint-ci. For instance this would be flagged as a bad practice (while not applicable for a simple test like this, having a const makes sense in almost all other cases).
func Perimeter(width float64, height float64) float64 {
	return 2 * (width + height)
  • Learned a few extra linter violations and how to exclude including:
    • lll: for maximum line length
    • packagetest: for emphasizing blackbox testing. …
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My First Vscode Extension Pack for Go

Took a swing at creating my own extension pack for Go.

  sheldonhull/extension-pack-go - GitHub

This was a good chance to familarize myself with the eco-system and simplify sharing a preset group of extensions.

Setup the repo with a Taskfile.yml to simplify running in the future. If frequent updates needed to happen, it would be easy to plug this into GitHub actions with a dispatch event and run on demand or per merge to main.

Here’s the marketplace link if you want to see what it …

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Go R1 Day 51


  • Did iteration exercise, however, I skipped ahead and did strings.Repeat instead of iteration because I’m lazy. 😀
  • Moved all tests into blackbox test packages.
  • Worked through variadiac functions.
  • Tweaked my VSCode autotest to run on save.
  • Further tweaks to golanglint-ci to reduce noise on linting checks.

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Use Driftctl to Detect Infra Drift

Use Driftctl to detect drift in your your infrastructure. This snippet generates a html report to show coverage and drift figures of the target.

For multiple states, you’ll need to adapt this to provide more --from paths to ensure all state files are used to identify coverage.

$S3BucketUri = "terraform-states-$AWS_ACCOUNT_NUMBER/$AWS_REGION/$TERRAFORMMODULE/terraform.tfstate"
$Date = $(Get-Date -Format 'yyyy-MM-dd-HHmmss')
$ArtifactDirectory = ( …
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Go R1 Day 50


At this point, I’m still struggling with the proper way to abstract a logging wrapper that calls a logging library. There’s enough boilerplate for setup of my preferred defaults in zerolog that I want to include …

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Go R1 Day 49


  • Learned about White-Box vs Black-Box testing. Apparently, you can access all indentifiers of a package if you use the same package name such as: package packagename. If you are testing as a consumer might be, then you can use package packagename_test for only accessing the exported identifiers.
  • Used examples in test file to provide self-documentation of how to use the method.
  • Worked further with golanglint-ci and found it challenging when working with multiple modules in …
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